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Meet The Team
Nick Normandin holds a Bachelors Degree in Exercise and Sports Science from Fitchburg State College with a minor in Business. He is a CrossFit Level 3 Trainer and holds CrossFit Specialty certifications in; Endurance, Olympic lifting, Gymnastics, Strongman, Mobility and Adaptive Athletes. Nick is the founder of Push Pull Training and the head coach at CrossFit EXP. His focuses are on Corporate Wellness, Special population 1x1 coaching, endurance coaching, and CrossFit Education.  

Nick holds a special place for endurance athletes because although he is a well rounded athlete with a history of Baseball and CrossFit, Multi-sport endurance events is where his heart is. Nick has competed in multiple CrossFit competitions, 7 Adventure races, 8 half marathons, the Boston Marathon, a 50 mile train race, four 50K ultra trail races, over 60 triathlons from sprint distance through full Ironman’s, qualified for the USAT age group nationals in AL, as well as 10+ years of road races from 5-10K, 5 years of the Masters Swimming Association hour long swim and one year of College Baseball.

Nick has found his passion as a coach is to help develop the everyday person to set and achieve their first athletic milestone, whether it be a 5k race, triathlon, adventure race, or CrossFit competition. It is these goals that create physical results! Nick believes that anything in life can be achieved with the right determination and focus. He uses his own love of fitness to balance his life around health and encourage as many as possible to follow his lead.
Nicholas Normandin
Coach Tiffany was always involved in fitness and sports throughout her life. From softball and gymnastics to triathlons and bodybuilding, her youthful exposure was a natural evolution to her discovery of Coaching.  

Her professional credits include BS in Business Management from Fitchburg State, CrossFit Level 1 certified, CPR/AID/First Aid certified, Body Training Systems Group Power Instructor and ACE (American Counsel of Exercise Certified personal Trainer).  Tiffany has attended CrossFit Specialty Seminars: Mobility, Olympic Weight Lifting, Gymnastics, Endurance & Rowing.  She holds her Level 1 Precision Nutrition Certification and is passionate about nutrition coaching.  Tiffany is the founder of Mama's Bootcamp, A coach led fitness class for moms to workout with their kids in-tow allowing moms to "fill their cups first" through fitness and commuinity.  In addition to corporate wellness coaching and nutrition consulting & leading Mama's Bootcamp,  she is also a coach and affiliate manager at CrossFit EXP in Leominster, Ma.

Tiffany’s love of coaching comes from personally witnessing the change it can make in an individual’s life. “It is amazing to see that 1 hour a day can improve not only one’s physical ability, but also creates a better spouse, parent, friend & professional by developing self confidence,” she explains.

As a “sidekick” to her husband Nick for 5 years before her ACE certification, Tiffany is as familiar with Coaching as one can be. She says what drew her to Functional training was that every single workout shows a measurable progress and is programmed around essential movements, which are needed by everyone, of all ages, shapes and sizes.

“My philosophy is to always have tangible goals,” shares Tiffany. “This could be a race, competition or just personal goals to hit specific PRs. With these goals, my workouts are always for a purpose which allows me to continue to push myself to new levels.”
Tiffany Normandin
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